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Yes! I’ve fallen in love with TAROT culture. Discover the secrets about our very new Jewellery Collection.

Find out about the power of ancient symbols and embrace its wisdom with our new Tarot Jewellery.

The story and inspiration behind the new Tarot jewellery collection started thanks to my sister, who has been deeply into Tarot Reading for the last 10 years.

As soon as I discovered the concept of Tarot I was interested and intrigued about its usage. Contrary to what people think, Tarot is not merely an esoteric method of fortune-telling, but a deep and intricate culture, full of symbols and methods for inner knowledge.

Each card is full of significances, images of historical moments and cultural allegories that represent different types of archetypes from our very own western culture but at the same time, all these symbols can be applied to anyone’s own story.

At GAVIRIA, we wanted to do something far more personal than simply copying the Tarot cards into a jewel, so we decided to study the most powerful symbols found in the classical Marseille deck. The result is a Tarot jewellery collection which includes Tarot Ring, Tarot pendant and Tarot earrings including studs, hoops and CZ studs.

The whole collection consists of Tarot jewellery pieces handmade by expert artisans in Spain. All the pieces are carefully handcrafted in sterling silver so they´ll be your special Talisman, and, eventually, become a modern heirloom for future generations, transmitting the wisdom each of these tarot jewels hold.

Here is a brief explanation about our favourite symbols and how we have used them through the collection.



The lovers from Taror  
 The lovers 

Our sterling silver lovers ring in the shape of signet symbolizes as you can imagine LOVE in all forms. It can be a couple’s love, but also any type of love. It is also the symbol for decisions. Our Gold plated Silver Lovers rings will guide you through decisions with Love in hand. Discover The Lovers ring, The Lovers Pendant Set




The sun
The symbol of the sun is present several times through the collection. It appears in the shape of signet ring, necklace, huggie, stud and CZ earring.

The power of the sun is well known for representing all positiveness in life. The sun is light, is life, it is a big YES. It also represents happiness and victory. The sun is probably one of the most positive symbols in the whole Tarot Deck.




Women’s bliss / The heart
The symbol of the women’s bliss appears in the empress card. We love these symbols as they symbolize feminine abundance and fertility. It could also represent women’s strength and the magic of giving life to the world. Discover the ring, stud, hoop, dangle earring or necklace. 



 The Serpent
The Serpent which could also be seen as the ouroboros appear in both the Snake signet ring and the Snake pendant. It is one of our favourite symbols as it symbolizes nature’s infinitive cycle. The death and the birth, all in one. It symbolizes resurrection, renewal. It can also remind us of the healing power of snakes, who regenerate themselves by shedding out the unuseful layers of their skin. Discover the ring and the necklace.



Infinity ring in sterling silver

The infinity
The symbol of the infinity or lemniscate can be found several times in the Tarot deck. In the Magician, the Strength, the 2 of pentacles and the World. It reminds us the infinite nature of humanity. It calls for transformation, a reminiscence of the infinity path of life. One is nor at the end or the beginning, but at an specific lapse in the infinitive journey towards knowledge. Discover the necklace and the ring.



 The Wheel of fortune
Symbolizes the good and bad and that the cycles in life cannot always be controlled. It also symbolizes the power of changes. Discover the ring HERE.




The Sword
The Tarot Deck has 4 suits. The wands, the cups, the pentacles and the swords. We love the Swords as they are AIR. They represent the logic, the intellect and the ideas, the strength of the mind and perception. This symbol will help you to maintain your awareness and guide you with intelligence through life.

The collection contains 3 different Silver Swords earrings. Discover the studs, hoops and dangle earring.



The Star
The star is healing and renewal. Is the symbol of hope and inspiration. It can also guide you toward a more spiritual connection. The star is positive and can also bring you calmness and the power of healing past wounds. Let the star guide you with the Star tarot necklace or the different silver star earrings. Discover the Star Necklacestar studstar dangle earringstar hoop.




The Woman
The woman is repeatedly represented in the Tarot deck with the Empress, the High Priest, the Strength, Justice, Temperance, The Star, The Moon and The World symbolizing different aspects of women’s energy. The essence of women in Tarot can represent several aspects as mother’s love and patience, ancient knowledge, creative intelligence, practical sense, justice and impartiality, rationality and honesty. Strength, self-control. She is also full of dreams and feminine intuition. You can find this energy in the Gold-plated Silver woman pendant.




The Man
Just as the woman, the masculine figure in tarot cards can be find several times in the Magician, the Emperor, The Teacher, The Hermit, The hanged man, and the Kings. The essence of men in Tarot can represent different aspects of its energy. He can drive his own direction, it’s self-confidence and determined. He is rational but also stand for self-discovery. He is a father and can give guidance and advice. You can find his strength in the Men’s pendant.




The Moon
The moon symbolizes the night. She is, like women: cyclic. Her strength rules nature. The moon is mystery and dreams. She reflects the subconscious and the hidden secrets one holds in the heart. The moon is full of intuition and dreams!Discover the necklace HERE




The Flower
Flowers appear several times in the tarot cards. We love this symbol as it is a reflection of nature’s meaning. Flowers in tarot can symbolize hope, love, life, birth, unity or growth. Let flowers guide you into the path of rebirthing and growth. Flowers remind us, energy in nature is never extinguished, only recycled, just like the cyclical nature of life. Discover the dangle flower earring, the flower stud and the flower hoop.       

Hope you enjoyed the secrets behind our Tarot Jewellery Collection. Stay tuned for more Tarot news!