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Ultimate “staying calm” wishlist

The Ultimate “staying calm” wishlist for these holidays

From Cannabis products to help you relax, spiritual jewels or the coolest yoga accessories. Here are some beautiful “ommmm” ideas that will help you be zen when your daughter is screaming behind you while having a zoom meeting.
Surrounded by drama? relax. This Ying Yang Love Parade Necklace with pearls will transport you to other realms of existence. The freshwater pearl will give you calmness and purity, the enamelled Ying yang will remind you about the cosmic dualities that rule our universe and the crystal fruit and enamel animals will connect you with mother´s natural forces. Be water, my friend!



From beautifully packed weed, CBD relaxing bath salts to the most special pipes on the market. This cannabis products to help you relax are must-have green miracles. Like  Young Thug said, be a stoner, be stoned.


FORIAN, Relief Bath salt with CBD







Favourite items for a cosy and calmed atmosphere during these “stay at home holidays”. From a splendid forest Green room spray, colourful candles, to a delicious relaxing tea. It’s always tea time at home.







Sure we all have dualities in our daily feelings these days, Aren´t we? These Ying Yang hoops symbolize the dual complexity found in the universe, They have been made in sterling silver in beautiful Italy and the Ying Yang detail is made in ceramic.



Look what’s best for your body and mind. A beautiful yoga mat that will encourage you to practice yoga or any other sport at home, a great workout outfit from outdoor invoices or a private zoom class with Barcelona yoga girls Sound of Silence. (Who also do incredible sound healing sessions and all things related to uber-cool alternative wellness techniques).

For indulging your body, try these good night drops from Rassa, they will give you the most relaxed nights you can dream with. Finally, take care of your skin with our favourite True Botanicals face oil.












Is time to stop and reinvent ourselves. We are not saying the Spiritual hoops will solve these issues, but we are sure the lilac colour will help you find serenity and clarity through these times. Traditionally, lilac has been associated with feminine qualities, such as caring, being emotional and nurturing. It’s also known as the colour of self-expression. Come on girl! bring all that strength and feelings out. It’s time to shine!