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Let’s dream together


We should always celebrate being a woman, but when googling important women in history, you come across a sadly, very short list of women.
So small that it includes the Virgin Mary and Diana of Wales.
It is a fact that women have not been present (rather absolutely absent) in the history of the world as we know it today.
From Gaviria, we want to say THANK YOU to all the women who had built the path to today’s world, but the path is not finished.
We want the women’s list to be as extensive as the men’s list. We want our sisters, daughters, friends to be part of history. We want to stop celebrating that a woman reaches the vice-presidency of a country like the USA because it becomes normal.  We want to reach the day all women are treated in the same way by law and justice, anywhere in the world.
We look forward to the day no woman is belittled, mistreated, marginalized or discriminated for the simple fact of being a woman. We are still dreaming about the day none of us is afraid and our dignity is never questioned again. We should not stop fighting for all those women who are still not fully recognised within society.
We stand for equal education, opportunities and respect for all women of all races.
We encourage our daughters to keep fighting, working, speaking out loud. Because there is still a long way till finishing the path.


Let’s dream together! Let’s celebrate being a woman!